GS hiring process (or other top tier IBs)


Just wondering if you have any insights on the typical hiring process of GS (particularly equity research) or if not, other top-tier investment banks (which perhaps can be a proxy)?

-how long does it take to receive an offer/ rejection after the final round?

-will they normally reject other final-round candidates before securing a new place for the new hire (i.e. make sure the hired candidate accepts and signs the offer and passes the background check, before rejecting other final-round candidates)?

Thanks so much.

there’s a difference between on cycle (recruiting from schools), or off cycle

This is off cycle

anything goes in an equity research off cycle . I’ve had 1 BB shop give me an offer within a week from 1st interview to last, and I’ve had 2 month waits as well.

After the final round interviews, they usually decide quite fast. It should be literally within a day after the final round for the company to give out their offer (at least verbally)

typically if they are down to 2-3 top picks, they give their #1 choice the offer and give them a couple days at most, and don’t say anything to #2 and 3 during that time. If #1 rejects, they give offer to #2.

2 month waits as in?