Nicely done boys.

And thats why I own the stock. You can’t bet against these guys.

Cat Fanciers’ Association…nice username

Cat Fanciers’ Association used to be a top 5 hit in some search engines for “CFA” as recently as a few months ago… Just checked - it’s #3 in Google

CFA = Chick-Fil-A in the Southern U.S.

I’ve learned to specify when telling girls what the CFA charter stands for. I met a couple cute ones on my bus who had seen me studying and I didn’t elaborate on the meaning of CFA considering I figured they didn’t really care or know what it was anyway. Then I googled CFA and cat fanciers’ association came up first. I’m pretty sure if they did any research they thought I was just really into Cats and that I’d been studying for 3 months to take a test all about felines. Women really into cats are semi weird, guys really into cats should be locked up.