Guardians of the Galaxy

If you haven’t seen this yet, go and watch it. Soundtrack is excellent and actually has an impact in the movie. Bautista is great as well.


The movie was a romp - can’t recall when I’ve enjoyed one more. It was what Star Wars would have been with more Han Solo.

Bautista/Drax - hilarious

Pratt/Quill - Han Solo reborn

Saldana/Gamora - Hot as hell

Cooper/Rocket - steals the show

Diesel/Groot - “I Am Groot” (what else is there to say)

And I agree about the soundtrack - this was the first movie I can think of where the soundtrack consistently made me smile.

^ yeah it’s a really fun movie, won’t win any awards for story or anything but it’s very enjoyable. May go see it again.

Haha, nothing goes over my head.

Saw it with the 13 YO daughter. She gave it an 8.5, and she’s not a comics fangirl. I thought it was as good as anything Marvel has done (but I like snark and lots of blowing stuff up).

Incredibly enjoyable. Rocket stole the show.

Wtf was howard the duck doing in the post credits scene though?

Didn’t you see him earlier?

Nope, which scene?

In The Collector’s menagerie.

You see him with the Collector after the credits, too.