Guess the time and you get respect points

+10 respect points to the person who guesses the correct time the e-mail gets sent out I’m going for… 10:30am (yea, sure some will get it at different times but who cares)

The arrival time has an uniform distribution between the interval of 9 am to 12 noon (ET).


I say at 12:00AM EST

maybe 8:30am ?

Well, I live on the west coast of the USA, and I have been receiving the CFA emails early, 530am and 739am, so I’m guessing mine will arrive at around 8am or so. I am also feeling a fail btw,

Yeah me too…I went from feeling pretty good to getting ready to buy dec 10 study prep…

i felt good after writing the exams. as time went on, I felt less confident. the word “fail” just kept popping up in my mind that i cant f__king focus on anything. please let the next 10 hours fly…