Guess Who

“Competition is good for consumers…and ultimately it’s good for business. That’s the way the free market works. The more competition we have, the more products, services, innovation takes place.”

these eyes, dooo doo doo doo doooo


This is one of the funniest parts of any movie to come out in the last 10 years. Sadly had to check that this was in fact within 10 years (2007) man cant believe its that old!

Keanu Reeves.

Barack Hussein Obama

Wonder what his angle is here. He obviously is lying through his teeth and doesn’t believe a word of what he’s saying.


is this really a surprise. to be the president of america you have to be supportive of free markets. even if you are a liberal/democrat. i mean, his policies aren’t actually halting the operation of free markets like many repubs and libertarians want to think. it’s not like he’s khrushchev.

While we’re at it:

How the GOP Made Obama One of America’s Most Powerful Presidents Read more:

This is what sucks about term limits. Due to his inexperience, Obama took time in learning how to handle Congress, and just when he’s gotten good at playing them his term ends.

my guess is this is cover for some specific corporate interest to get over some government/regulatory hurdle. this has nothing to do with his core philosophy.

I guess he should have spent more than 1/2 a term in the senate then and actually learned how things work. He really let America down by rushing into the presidency before he was ready.

The focus on set top boxes in the articles I have read seem to be on message for Obama. I think we can all agree the cable industry is a racket that is dug into the pockets of politicians on both sides of the isle like ticks. Obama selected Tom Wheeler as chairman of the FCC (a former lobbyist who everyone thought would be soft) and Wheeler has gone after the cable companies on several occasions to the benefit of competition & consumers.

The fact that cable companies have lobbied to have state governments step in and stop local municipalities from installing their own fiber and renting it out to providers shows you enough about that whole debate.

As for the rest of the stuff he said, who knows. Not exactly sure how this would impact the financial services industry, seems like a lot of puffery.

So you would have preferred a more effective Obama who was more capable of carrying out his agenda? Think about that.

^ Of course. I would much rather have an effective, prepared president that someone who was not ready for the job, regardless of their ideology. A better qualified President Obama might have been able to help congress construct a good healthcare bill instead of the abomination that is the ACA and might even have been able to help members of congress see the benefits of compromise. I realize getting the current members of congress to compromise would have been a tall order, but maybe we would have more moderate members from both sides of the aisle if there was someone in the oval office who had shown that civility and compromise benefit the country in the long run.

When enough insurers realize obamacare is not worth it, and they start dropping. Competition drops and prices go up and the entire theory of ACA dies. You force insurers to take people with pre-existing conditions and force more services into ther plans and tell the American people costs will go down? HA. That’s funny. Oh on second thought, is also depressing because so many idiots believed it.

That’s actually the only part I agree with. I’m actually completely in-line with Trump on healthcare (I think). Keep pre-existing conditions in there and allow competition across state lines. I know people want a really complicated answer because it is a complicated problem. But, I think people would be surprised how increased competition would drive down costs.

Fair enough. I trust you are behind Hillary?

Not a bad zinger, but Hillary is neither effective nor prepared in absolute terms. On a relative basis…

Not sure how you make that jump, but no. Hillary is certainly more qualified than Obama was when he first ran, but I at least give credit to him for being a fairly genuine person. Hillary is as slimy as slimy gets. She will say or do anything to advance her personal interests. I don’t believe she gives a rat’s ass about anyone or anything other than herself. She’s Claire Underwood.

I was expecting: