Guidance for a new Canadian Permanent Resident

I have received my Canadian Permanent Residency, and I am expecting to land in Toronto soon. I have passed all 3 levels of the CFA exam, I also have 3 years of investment banking expertize (mainly in portfolio management) in Lebanon. I also have a Masters degree in economics and finance from a top Lebanese university, and I am fluent in French.

Will it be difficult for me to land a job in one of the 5 Canadian big banks?

Will my experience and education be recognized?

What are possible roles that I can apply for?

new to Canada


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  • Take the Canadian Securities Course, this will help you get hired by a bank or credit union
  • Get your charter now that you completed all 3 CFA levels
  • Join your local society and attend every event they host

French speakers are ten-a-penny in TO.

If you speak arabic (being from the Lebanon and all), that might help. I searched on indeed (a job site) for jobs in Toronto that mention arabic, and a few banking jobs show up.