hi, i passed L1 this december, i prepared for the exam only by scheweser. I read schweeser twice and did 1 or 2 exams from vol1 exam book and 1 mock and on last few days i read secret sauce. Most of my friends who gave exam before me passed L1 but they failed L2 easily. ONly 2 out of 6 passed. from w hat i know they did put in a lot of effor into it and from what i have heard from people l2 is totaly differnt thing and very very hard. I just want to know is there something specificcaly differnt u have to do while preparing for the level 2 exam as compared to the level 1 exam. specifically orginaly cfai books necessary??? Read schweser how many times ??? Vol 1 and vol2 exam books? q bank helpful? any thing elese apart from above to get through l2 or is it just same as l1 preparation wise. PLus how many hours of work do you need to put in to be safe>>?? any other hint or tip on how to go about it ( i am bsc economics major with minor in math and accounting and finance) I will be very grateful for your guidance.

I used Stalla fror both level I & II and passed on my first attempt. My advice would be to use stalla/Schweser, but pay focus when your studying. PLan on giving yourself at least 3 weeks before the exam to review and TAKE AS MANY PRACTICE EXAMS AS YOU CAN.