Guidance on Further L2 Preparation


I am a fellow L2 candidate. I recently completed first reading of the entire course from Schweser but I feel like I don’t remember anything at all. I need suggestion from you guys on how to proceed revising.

Should I read the Schweser once again or should I just watch the videos?

I am planning to work on sample paper in the last 1 month.

IMO, repeating practice problems over and over and over again is the most effective use of your time if you’ve read through the materials. Focus on CFAI EOC questions, they tend to be tougher than schweser, athough I’m choosing to do both.

Inbetween practice problems, review your flash cards, notes and skim the book. It’s all about creating “muscle” memory for the exam, before you know it you’ll have a good grasp of a lot of the maerial

I agree, do as many questions as you can get a hold of, across Readings. For where you find yourself lacking (based on the questions), refer back to the CFAI texts (not Schweser) to strengthen your knowledge.