Guidance to approcah for Level 1 Exam

Hi All, I have applied for Level 1 exam June 08. How should I start my modules and in which topic should focused more from exam point of view. As CFA Inst. says 2 hrs/day i.e. 250 hrs. Is this sufficient for exam ? Please provide me guidelines Please reply who has gone through this. Thanks in advance

you’re better off asking this in a week in a half when all those that are done with L1 dec will be more willing to assist.

  1. start as soon as possible 2. keep it consistent 3. dont rush through ethics or FSA 4. do lots of questions 5. aim to finish all your readings,etc around april. You want to have around a month to do just revision, past papers, practise papers, etc

If you can get > 75% in book 6 then you’re ok. This isn’t easy to do. Definitely start early and do questions, questions, questions. Book 7 is mental - try it but don’t use it as your yardstick.