Hi Guys, I’m done with my first reading. Did Schweser & CFA EOC during the first read. I get close to 2 hrs a day on weekdays and I have the weekends to myself. Also, I will get around 15 days off during may before the exam. Please give me inputs on how to organize my time and what subjects to prioritize during second read and what all to focus on. Let me know if I am late and how to cover up to the maximum in limited time. Thanks in advance for the help. Best Regards, TDK88

@thedarkknight88 We all ask for such advice when we feel lost, I do it as well… But you know what, the people you are asking dont know much better than you do for the most part… Who am I, or @andrewunh, or @pedpenny to tell you what to do. Do what you feel will get you ready for the exam mate. Work as hard as you can. And dont worry about if you are behind or not. Knowing that is not gona do you any good. Level II is a beast, what will do you good is to give it your best whether you feel ahead or behind… Best of luck man

Hey thedarkknight88, I’m exactly on the same boat as you… I just recently finished my readings, and I’ve been asking on the forum which question software would be the best to pick up on… My plan is to do a Mother hoard of questions on either qbank/finquiz. I believe this will help me pinpoint any weaknesses that I may have on a specific topic. Which I will go back and review. I personally believe qbank is way to easy as I’ve been scoring between 70%-85% on the exams and I KNOW I don’t know this stuff inside and out. So If I do stick with qbank, I want to consistantly score 90%… And in May, a whole month of just looking at the 11th hour and any other “summary” sheets + all the full exam sets that I can get my hands on. But gulfcfa’s right… Nobody has a great study plan that’s right for you, or anybody else… I’m just pointing out what I have planned going forward… Hope this helps, and good luck!

Personally, I believe that 350 hours is a solid number to stand a good chance of passing the exam. Allocate your time to that purpose. If you have to choose two things to be good at, make them Equity and FRA.

I would be focusing more on FRA, Derivatives, Quant and slightly on Fixed Income…Rest of the topics are pretty ok to deal with.

Thank you all guys. I knew we all are on the same boat. But insights always help :). @MK514: Thanks for sharing ur plan mate :slight_smile: Lets hope for the best and lets study hard. Good Luck :slight_smile: