Guy loses passport on exam day.

Remember on exam day in June seeing these two guys in the London exam hall sprinting in with about 5 minutes before doors closed. One guy dropped to the floor and started crying and told his mate that he had left the bag with both their passports on the tube.

The other guy just started crying too and looked on in disbelief repeating over and over ‘You’re joking!!’

I saw them run over to the proctor claiming they had a driving license on them and if they could do the exam.

Never found out whether they got let in or not… It shook me up tho. No one wants to see that shiz before sitting down for an exam.

My question is: Why would anyone give their passport to someone else to hold? Foolish

That sucks, I’d rather lose my wallet than passport for exam day

I’d rather be sexually harrased by Kathy Bates than lose my passport on exam day.

There are morons in this world. Wonder if they were doing L2 or L3. That would be outrageous if they had to wait another year cos a guy lost passports on exam day

I heard they were making a new Dumb and Dumber film, didn’t know they were filming in London

This would be a great prank to pull on exam day. AF stories for days…

I’m always amazed that people can screw up like that. who gives their passport to a mate to carry in his bag?

I’m convinced the CFA turned me a bit OCD. I was there like 2 hours early for the most recent exam, was checking the ticket passport etc on a ridiculously regular basis, made sure i was only eating really bland food for the week leading up to the exam etc.

Yeah. You do it at Excel Gringo? All the food restaurants there are so greasy. Some guy next to me got major shits halfway through the PM

I did level 1 in the Excel. crazy place, i can only imagine what it’s like for the June sitting.

Fortunately I had a hotel room right beside it and I bought some stuff in for lunch the night before so avoided the food places in the centre, the queues were ridiculous and the food looked pretty ropey.

I went on that silly Emirates Cable car a few months ago and noticed the Excel on the way down and genuinely felt a bit uneasy seeing the place.

I don’t understand how you lose your passport before exam day. I’m obsessively checking on it for weeks before the test.

The London CFA is held at the Excel? Thats great! I live like 10 minutes away, so nice and convenient.

Speaking of passports, make sure yours doesn’t expire too close to exam day. It may take up to 20 business days to get a new one.

There was a guy standing at the entrance and asking everyone entering the test room if they had an extra calculator. Nobody gave him a hand. I wish I could have helped him, but I only had one calculator. Couple minutes after I sit down, I found the guy sit next to me had two. I was thinking, maybe I should ask him to lend that poor guy one. Then I thought he should have see that guy too, and he have decided not to help him. Suddenly I feel really bad. I have heard stories that students hide library books so other students can’t find it before the exam. Maybe it worked in a curve system. But I don’t think that’s the case in CFA exams. And I believe whether you pass or not has very little to do with how others did. It’s still based on your competence. And what about ethics? Oh right, this kind of ethics is not the kind of ethics we are going to be tested in the exam. Honestly, I really don’t believe one’s ethics can be tested in the paper.

Someone was asking for a calculator at my exam too. I had two as did many other takers but that is in case mine fails. I would feel pretty stoopid giving my back up calc to someone and then mine failed. But I have been bringing two calcs for the last three years as a precaution. You could probably charge $200 at the exam if you brought a few extras, the opportunity cost of not paying for one and failing is much higher.

screw him. this ain’t some charity exam here.

Ain’t nobody gonna be sad for you if you lent one to some poor guy in need and yours fails. You’ll be kicking yourself for one year straight.

Aye, yah gotta come prepared. Hard lesson to learn for some.

He couldnt go down the street and buy one?

Or maybe he ended up picking a calculator from the floor and the procter found notes on it and decided to write him up.

lol tube