GUYS/GALS please read!

I love the questions everyone puts up here, it has really helped me grasp some of the ideas that I couldn’t wrap around before. However I want to see what everyone thinks about this: Should we schedule a list of days were we do certain practice questions? Or do you like how it is when random questions get asked? My reasoning for this is that I learn better when crap gets drilled into my head. If anybody else works in the same manner then I think it might be beneficial to block off certain days (such as 3 days of hardcore FSA!) and study that way any thoughts??

I like to see different topics…as we are currently doing! It keeps the mind sharp :slight_smile:

Well, you can always pick a day to do, say FSA, and just pick FSA questions that have been posted for the last few months throughout the forum. That would be good to designate a day for different sections though, hopefully most follow. Should we dress in some kind of flare to honor it? Like on econ day, dress in plaid in honor of all the graphs. Okay, it’s morning here and I am already crazy.

RANDOM IS BETTER. stay diversified.