Guys I need your help...

I need your advice on something critical, gym bags.

I commute to work and on my way back home I hit up a gym downtown where I don’t have access to a locker. I am basically carrying three changes of clothes, my suit, my gym clothes and after gym clothes so I don’t freeze to death/stink the train up post excercise. Also in my gymbag I carry boxing gloves, shin pads a pair of shoes, handwraps, towel you get the picture, im carrying alot of stuff. What I want is some recommendations on gym bags that can also accomodate a suit. Right now I have been using a garmet bag and a gym bag together and its very akward. I want something that I can carry on my back and I don’t care if its pretty.

All advice is welcome, especially from you numi as you appear to be a wiz at this stuff.

This is an excellent question. I have the same exact issue, although it’s a bit easier in India because I have a man friday with my car.

If we can’t find something we need to make it, Bodhi and sell it to bankers for shitloads of money.

Why can’t you put your suit back on post-workout and eliminate the post-workout clothes? You get to shower, yes?

Or maybe change to gym clothes in the office and bring the suit back on non-gym days?

No shower fit for humans unfortunately, think rocky 1 with incensce and buddha statues. The gym is pretty grimey.

I think I may just go jersey shore and change into a tracksuit at work before I hit the gym.

CT, I’ll put together some ideas, do you want to target the yuppie market? That will determine our price point and the materials that we use. There is some money to be made, check out these guys their bags a very popular with the MMA weekend warrior crowd. I think it would be pretty cool to have a side business like this but it definitely deserves more thought then what I have currently invested.

if it were me, I’d either get a separate garment bag for suits (Hartmann is pretty solid). No point in getting a huge bag because it hinders portability - better to have a separate bag for the suit so it doesn’t get mixed in with the other stuff. You already have enough stuff in your gym bag.

When I was onsite at Goldman, I saw a dude wearing cyclist gear. He had a backpack called “Suit Commute.”

You can probably create something similar.

What gym doesn’t have lockers?

That’s a legit question.