Guys I’ve been thinking a lot. And fake people who get plastic surgery disgust me

I will find a post of kardashians before and after. It’s disgusting.these are the role models of our times.


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its just i really thought the kardashians were pretty. but it is all a lie. it makes me sad.

you mean your roll models?

Wow bro. You know we’ve also landed on the moon too right?

Or even rôle models.

What would Freud say?

how else would you upgrade a clefairy.

tim apple and his autocorrect

A poor craftsman blames his tools.

emphasis on poor

‘LA does not stand for Los Angeles,’ said Robin Leach, the appropriately named presenter who has made his own fortune out of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, ‘it stands for liposuction and augmentation.’

If any post bring Frankie back, this should do it.

In China a man sued his wife for their ugly babies. The hubby found out that the wife had gotten some plastic surgery done on her years before they met. You can change your appearance but you can’t change your genetics!

False. Epigenetics

yea imo there should be disclosures if you had work done.

Who’s the Kardashians’ plastic surgeon(s)? They made a boatload of money off that family.

What plastic surgery bothers you? Just “enhancement”? A lot of people have plastic surgery for legit medical issues - do they disgust you?

I don’t know I just find it dishonest. They are supposed to be the hottest family alive but then you find out it’s all fake. I don’t like that.
If the average person does it I don’t mind. But I don’t want to be with a girl who wears a lot of make up to the point that her face changes.

Nery is that kind of a dude whose midlife crisis includes getting plastic surgery and a motor cycle.

haha some girls are like transformers with their makeup. It’s crazy.

yep well never express these views in public/reddit. they will go crazy on you.
i made a comparison. saying imagine if i pretended to be rich with a lambo but i was just renting it out for a day.