Guys! Please confirm reading 20 for me.

Hey guys, For those of you that have already register. Would you please confirm that this article is actually reading 20 for me ? “Human Capital, Assets Allocation, and Life Insurance”. Because I have not buy the books yet and I am trying to use last year books before I register for the exam one more time. I found the article on the CFA website.

yes. reading 20 is human capital, asset allocation, and life insurance.

cfasf1, What I was mostly concern is that the content of this article that I found in the CFAI website is exactely the same as rading 20. if you copy this URL into your browser. YOu can confirm that reading 20 and the article are similar for me. thanks

To confirm they are exactly (or even substantially, or to what degree) the same I think you’d have to compare them line by line, which seems like a lot to ask.

and i’ve only got my schweser notes. sorry.

Dude!, everyone in this blog is try to help the other whiout any complain. Trust me, you will need ppl down the road. A lot more than you might have been thinking. I think if you read both text, you can tell if there are the same. It seems that is the only change they have made this year as far as new reading concerns. Obviousely, cfasf1 does not have the original books and I can unverstand that.

I checked my textbook, it’s the exact same verbatim.

glendronach Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I checked my textbook, it’s the exact same > verbatim. glendronach: Thank you very much! that help.