Gyaan - Memorize it

Buddies… Remembering this is a pain. Just thought, i put them down as a refresher. I don’t know if it is essential, but trying to stuff in whatever i can, before i hit the mocks Mergers based on Industry Life cycle: 1) Pioneer and development : Conglomerate and Horizontal 2) Rapid: Conglomerate and Horizontal 3) Mature: Horizontal and Vertical 4) Stabilized: Horizontal 5) Decline: Conglomerate, Vertical and Horizontal Investments to hold based on the business cycle 1) Recovery: Cyclical Stocks, Commodities and other Risky assets 2) Early Upswing: Stocks, Real Estate 3) Late Upswing: Bonds, Interest sensitive stocks 4) Slowdown: Bonds, Interest Sensitive Stocks 5) Recession: Stocks, Commodities

  1. Mature: Horizontal and Vertical 4) Stabilized: Horizontal aren’t mature and stabilized the same thing ?

Mature can still grow above the GDP rate, Stabilized grows at GDP rate for some time until it begins declining.