Gym Bros - dilemma

its weird that she does not like your hands. Are they super nasty and scratchy from blisters peeling? I have gotten nothing but compliments from women about having rough hands. Maybe KMD or Krnyc can chime in. Is this really a problem for most girls?

Those worn-out zombie-like palms hold your battle scars. Wear them proudly.

I remember as a kid the first time I saw a climbing rope ,I managed to climb all the way to the top and it was quite high the ceiling and all. This was due to my habit of doing pull ups on tree branches and doorways ,for some reason, I thought friction will not be present if I loosen my grip on the rope and descend slowly.I have had my shin broken,my ribs broken,and a few other unpleasant and rather serious injuries but I still tremble with anguish whenever I bring that memory back to mind.

Just wear some gloves. I put them on for deadlifts and pullups.

How much do you lift?

1001… 1002… 1003…

No gloves? Are you calling this guy a vagina?

Not enough! I’m definitely below average for weight lifted compared to the hulks on AF. Still, for my average build, I need to keep at it to get back to into respectable form. I know what I’m capable of looking like, having been there before, but it gets harder with age. I keep working at it using the StrongLifts app.

I use these gloves.

The only accessory you need in the gym is knee wraps for squats > 300

I also use hockey tape. Otherwise my dong hangs out of my shorts.


Rough is fine as long as well taken care of. Also nothing wrong with wearing the gloves or the gymnastics grips.

So you have an issue that can easily be solved by doing something that random people/ your friends consider “gay” but you are also happy to do something you consider “gay” behind closed doors because no one will see it. Sounds like you’re the faggot…

I dunno, the court of public opinion / pride can be worth the hassle. My knuckles are covered in scars from rocks while kayaking because there was no way I was going to wear gloves and get ripped on.

All of this ^^^^^^ is why boys are stupid. :slight_smile:

No worries. The friendly government will probably require gloves for all at risk activities once health care becomes single payer, if you’re allowed to participate in such activities at all.

how dare you, I’m not gay! Speaking of which you never posted a topless selfie so your opinions are unwelcome here. Same with you, kr.

^If I post a topless selfie, will I get the right to opine?

Wow! I never gave a second thought to why or why not boys wear gloves in the gym.