Gym Bros - dilemma

Nahh I don’t wanna

trust me, once you do it you will feel empowered and liberated. Free the nipple!

You could use wrist straps, although you might get some funny looks if you use them for any pushing motions like bench or military press…

Funny how only wearing gloves in gym is considered homo, you can practically wear them for any other sport.

^i noticed is almost always the sissies that knock gloves

In my experience the guys wearing gloves walk around w their beer guts hanging out and arms out like they’re carrying luggage. They grunt real loud while they pull embarrassingly low weight relative to their body weight. The same guys put 20 plates on the leg press and grunt out 4 inches of ROM like they’re accomplishing something. LMAO…zips.

I don’t know what kind of f*****g p******s you have in your gym, but if anyone ever approached me to criticize my glove and wrist wrap usage while I was lifting the kind of weight they could only dream about, I’d introduce the back of their throat to the unique flavor of their separated teeth. My advice is go to a real gym instead of these big box shithouses like 24HF or LA Fitness and you won’t suffer from this confusion about gloves.

^mb gloves and wraps are frowned upon at curves??

we talking about sequin gloves Michael Jackson-style, right brahs? ain’t no shame being fabulous at the gym.

So you’re worried that wearing gloves will cause you to become fat and unable to do real reps? Pretty fragile.

If you can squat above 310 and do above 10 dead hang pull ups you can wear a pink bra and lipstick to the gym and still pass off as no sissy.

You guys don’t get it. Gloves are an indication of being soft and/or unable to pull real weight without training wheels. Real gym bros don’t use training wheels. You DL with straps because your grip isn’t strong enough to pull that kind of weight without straps? Your grip is weak because you use straps. Drop your ego and stick to weight you can handle until you don’t need training wheels. That’s the opposite of fragile.

That’s the whole point of my previous comment. I see a lot of guys needing to be all decked out in gear to be able to, for example, DL #315. To me that’s funny because the guys w the gear are pulling maybe 1.25x their weight, while guys like me are pulling >2x our weight with no gear, as nature intended. Just an observation…and yes this is at a globo-gym. I get enough sneers doing my program here, I’m sure I’d be physically assaulted if I tried my program at a real body building gym.

When I lifted weights, I used to wear gloves. I don’t recall if people at my gym wore gloves and its definately news to me that some guys might have been checking out my hands. To each his own, I guess.

They say gloves help keep the blisters at bay after a good sesh on the smith machine.

^I have no problem with a guy wearing gloves because he doesn’t want to rough up his hands. More power to him. I used to use them, but I don’t anymore, because…let’s face it…it’s not like I’m lifting really heavy or for hours at a time.

If I see a guy doing squats on the Smith machine, I think, “What a pussy. Why can’t he do real squats? You might as well be doing a seated leg press machine.”

The Smith Machine is the biggest waste of space in the gym.

There are worse gym offenses than wearing gloves. My favorite is the guy who starts doing arm curls in the squat rack. It drives me nuts. I wear gloves and don’t care what people think. I am athletic, in good shape and lift well above my weight.

how many of you lifting bros bring your gym bag full of chalk and other essentials to every station? Gallon jug of water? Come on you know who you are, admit it before the good people of AF.

True BSD has his own gym. None of these issues then apply.

Not only a waste of space but also wrecks havoc on your spine as far as I know.