Gym Networking opportunities

I want to start going to CrossFit again and have been looking at gyms in NYC. There seems to be a few around my work place that should be frequented by Finance people since they are near Wall Street. Is there any positive NPV in joining one of these gyms for an extra 100 per months or so ?

My very limited experience is people have much lower guards in gym and the bro mentality could go a long way in Networking opportunities. Anything to be mindful of ? Also does 3 months provide enough time for networking if I go to gym like 5 times (or more) a week ?

I feel like CrossFit and DFA would go really well together.

What happened to working out on playgrounds at public parks? I would have thought that provided ample opportunities to network with local wives and police officers.

I guess if you do classes there’s a chance for networking. Otherwise you’re just hoping to chat up dudes at a gym in the hopes you find someone that can further your career. Seems like a low probability scenario.

^Yeah I am looking into doing classes.

This is advanced humor. Well done.

Sure, where classes are concerned, 80% of people have fickle schedules and show up irregularly, but some minority are regulars on certain days. I am not sure how great it is from a networking perspective, since most people want to do their thing and then run off to other stuff, but it can’t hurt to do the activity if you like the class itself.

some gyms have events once in a while on a friday/saturday those are good networking/hook up events

Open with an icebreaker, ask them if they’ve ever seen a man eat a live snake.

This line is best used while using a urinal next to another bro.

If they seem uncomfortable, mention that you’re gay friendly. A good time to bring this up is while you’re spotting them mid squat.

I do both, at the same time.

What is DFA

Down for anything!

jk dimensional fund advisors

I hear cults are great for making friends

Has anyone tried going to a church or synagogue to network?

I’ve got to agree with consensus, I don’t think gyms are a good place to network. Maybe if it’s a crossfit kind of community work out vibe where everyone talks to each other but it seems like a bit of a long shot.

Other traditional gyms people mainly want to get in and out without any chat. If people are together it’s usually because they know each other outside the gym.

Seems an “altar”nate route. But results could be divine.

I wouldn’t imagine a religious institution would be a good place to network for an industry based mainly on rational thought and intellectual rigour

Yeah, no bankers or scientists ever attended synagogue. Good points all around!

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