Ha! Take that NJ haters

Although I no longer reside in the Garden State, it will always be my home. For all the NJ haters out there, 31 of the 100 safest places to live in the US are in NJ.


Right, but because isn’t that because nothing actually happens in NJ?? :wink:

There’s a reason that New Jersey is called The Garden State.

Newark, Elizabeth, Hoboken: they’re not it.

Is this because every next block in NJ is like a different town, and therefore, they overwhelm the list with sheer number of places that are qualify as entrees on this list?

Anyway, not sure if Garden State is the best name, since it implies that someone actually planted all those trees. Maybe it should be just Trees State or Deers Everywhere State, or maybe Consumers Raped by Gas Stations Union State.

Only six places west of the Mississippi? Hmmmmm.

I have only really been to two places in NJ. The first was Fort Dix, which looked…like an Army base.

I recently got the privilege of traveling to Camden, NJ. And like Forrest Gump said, “That’s all I got to say about that.”

NJ has a lot of pharmaceuticals that produce a ton of drugs that saves lives.

We’re talking about safety here, stay on topic.

Nothing wrong with gaming the system.

I stayed at a hotel in Newark (not an airport hotel…) for a couple of nights 2 years ago. It was at the corner of Clinton and MLK, you know that’s automatically a bad part of town. Pretty sure I heard gunshots one night.

Camden cancels out all the good

isnt NJs nickname armpit of america?

also where do these ppl live?

Been to NJ once: golfing at Pine Valley. I don’t play enough golf to really know any better, but people who know say it is a great course.

Only 2 cast members were from NJ. The majority are from NY

I feel the same about WA and CO. They are the real leaders.

Saving many lives.



Oh yeah! Absolutely.