Hacksaw.... Russian Style



A Russian man was arrested and hospitalised after stripping naked and then nailing his testicles to a cobblestone in Red Square. The performance artist, Pyotr Pavlensky, carried out the act in protest at what he described in a statement as Russia’s descent into a “police state”.


Very, very few people would be able to get a free ride in America.

The photo pretty much answers the question as to whether this guy has a Top 2 MBA or is M&A’ing on the buy-side.

Poor guy.

I added NSFW so no one gets in trouble.

Someone needs to send this to MTA asap. Perfect motivation!

I don’t have the courage to watch this.

How is it that you wake up one day and think, “You know what, I’m feeling pretty pissed about the whole police state thing, I think I’ll go nail my testicles to the ground in Red Square in protest”?

His form is terrible. Knees past toes.

Terrible and bad for the knees…

I meant to give the MTA and idea. My form would be just right.

I must say, it appears to me that the political situation in Moscow is getting hairier and hairier by the minute.

He may be nuts but he’s nailed it.

Now that this has been done… I will have to think of something else…

He didn’t get the message that the symbolism was hammer and sickle, not hammer through pickle.

You guys are mean :slight_smile:

Was he employed? he could be sacked for this.

He was described as “performance artist” in the media…

Well that is true but I have to think that most employers wouldn’t be that testy.