Had a bad week

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Congrats on new job. If it makes you feel any better, i will complete my first pass only by April 15.atleast thats what i hope.

Congrats on the job.

I am way behind your schedule. I hope to finish the curriculum by mid March though it looks like it will finish by end of March. urgh!

As far as bad weeks go, this sounds like a pretty good one pokhim!

Your schedule was sufficiently aggressive to give you some buffer time if something happened along the way. Even with a slower week (or two) you’ll still be finishing your first read at the same time or sooner than the majority of candidates — including myself for what it’s worth.

And come on, it’s not like you were sitting at home in your pajamas watching Game of Thrones… You got a brand new job with a higher pay and a better role! Cut yourself some slack and go celebrate already!

Well done.

Thanks y’all, all ah y’all!!

this is why we all need to start early to build in some buffer. it is simply not practical to plan out 4 months in advance how many hours to study each week because no one can predict the future!

Things always come up and suck up time but fortunately this is for a good reason, congrats!!!


Its only one week still have plenty more weeks to work at it if you want to. Youre probably still way ahead of most people I bet if youre on the final book…and yea, it sounds like a really good week for life (which is more important than the CFA) haha. congrats

^Agreed! might be bad week for CFA (but seriously, it’s only Feb and you’re on your last book), but overall, a new job in this economy that pays well and is better overall - is AWESOME!

Anyway, congratulations! hopefully you’ll still be able to balance studying w/the new responsibilities.