Had a dream last night....

That I was only on question 5 with 30 minutes to go in the AM session. I hope im not seeing the future of next year for multiple reasons.

Not at that point just yet where Im not thinking of the test pretty consistently, takes a week or so for me typically, might take more this time around with whats riding on it.

I agree. Takes about a week. This is my 3rd rodeo on level III, so it’ll be painful if the preview on my phone from CFA institute says “We sincerely regret…” Last year I wanted to crawl in a hole.

I had a dream last night that I got an email with excellent news… I really didn’t want to wake up

This year im not checking how the message starts ill just scroll down and check if there’s a band “x” or not …

Doesn’t really make a difference if its band 10 or band 8 or 9, maybe i’ll feel a bit worse but a fail is a fail.

Be optimistic bilal