Had an Equity Analyst Interview today

I guess the funny thing is he said F-king 3 or 4 times during the interview lol I honestly don’t know what my chances are. It’s just a junior PM and a PM and they are looking to hire an analyst. They said they want to take a long time to find the right person since it will be just them two and the analyst. Questions were across the board - fit, personal, quantitative, analytical, etc. Duties will range from security selection, generating investment ideas, trading, performance attribution, benchmark comparisons, etc. So it’s not exactly a research role, but there will be a lot of good exposure. This is the first time I’ve been called in for a face-to-face FO interview. He told me to call him in 2 weeks and see from there. The interview process is going to be long. I hope I get this!

Good luck Topher!

Good luck, sounds like an interesting position.

only 3-4 times? he must not be in fixed income…

MFE Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > only 3-4 times? he must not be in fixed > income… so true, its like a locker room on our desk…

i had an interview in moscow yesterday where the interviewer (heuad of sales and trading), an american who had been in the army, said the work nig*er about 15 times.

that sounds like a great gig Topher …definitely good exposure .

topher was this inhouse at the company you currently work for? How did you get the interview?

panny, No this is at a new company I found through using the Bloomberg terminal here at work. My current employer doesn’t really have any AUM. I model liabilities of non-qualified plans. I want to be in asset management and I’ve been using every resource I can possibly find to talk to people. I send out about 5-10 resumes a week. Sometimes if I’ve heard no response but I see the job posting online, I apply again. I also e-mail companies who have no postings and just send a general inquiry with my resume since most good jobs are not found on the internet anyway. I also reach out to alumni and work with recruiters. But this job was pretty much through the internet (Bloomberg).

Agreed. My VP talks like a drunken sailor some…no,no…MOST of the time. Willy