Had enough of this

I can’t stand this waiting, i just need this exam to be over, id be so happy if the exam was tomoro. anyone else feeling the same are we all busy rushin around to cram as much in the last couple of days.

Yes, this needs to be over with ASAP. Keep in mind, that our reward for passing (knock on wood!) is L2 and L3- more fun to come!

I am busy skimming through the syllabus. Yeah I wish to be over it as well. Tooooo tired by now! I hope I don’t fall asleep during the the exam lol

defenitely, I wish the test is over already, It’s summer time, not really the time for study.

stick a fork in me. I’m done.

worst about doing more Qs is getting more wrong answers… awwwhg

brave ones… what are you made of…or did you think this was an medium/hard “thing”…? we MUST (this is a AF requirement, so no violations to our Standards please) be proud of ourselves, our effort, our commitment… does anyone remember the black post card…the gift from CFAI ? yeah, that one… is all part of our way people… the direction is STRAIGHT FORWARD and push it a little more in these 2 last days…you won’t regret this final EFFORT. all the best brave ones…

tigas - YES!!!

Summon your inner Ben Affleck from Boiler Room. “$150 a week? Yeah your friends will tease you. your parents wont like. Well F U mom and dad! What are they going to say when you are making their Lexus payments!”

Must we notify the employer orally or get written permission before getting drunk? If we get drunk with clients and get a DUI, but have dropped the client off before getting said DUI, are we in violation?

Hah, I remember that question. No violation!

NByz Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hah, I remember that question. No violation! Agree with you…hate the question…getting bombed with clients consistantly reflects poorly on the profession whether you get a DUI or not, or have dropped off the clients already or not. UGHHH

What about taking a client to a “gentlemans club” as long as it is tasteful? I heard that the SEC put some rule in place that wall street firms couldnt expense these sort of client engagements.

Just noticed the CFAI website w/ picture of a test center last december…GOT CHILLS!!! LET’S DO THIS!! http://cfainstitute.org/

This thread speaks to me…seriously, I want to write this exam now…like right now…I can only imagine what some of the people on this forum, who have been studying for a lot longer then me, must be feeling.