Hail Mary

Ive finished Exam 1 & 2 in Schweser and the sample mock scored 53 and 55 and 63 respectively. After spending over 300 hours studying over the last few months I’m not feeling to good going into saturday. I wish everyone heres thats still stuggling the best of luck come saturday.

full of grace.

i feel like im about to get wacked haha…for some reason i was thinking of the Godfather

hey everyone should know that they will have adrenaline going on saturday and you’ll just inherently be more focused, so that should help you perform better on test day.

Well. If this is a good reference. I looked back at all my mock exams CFA and Schweser and i failed them all badly. I was averaging 65-70 as of June 4th (i think it was June 6th) and I failed with a band 10. Now i’m averaging 70’s…

Yes! I am in my own taste. I managed to pull a 65 on Schweiser but was doing 50’s on Stalla and low 40’s on the free CFAI pre-test. Only put in 250-260 by now as I am in Finance. There is still time though so dont stress. Best thing to do is relax. I messed up on Stalla and CFAI because I got impatient. I copied this great thread: http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?11,764600,page=1 on paper once to get a better understanding and am going to do some more problems but am done with sitting there hammering out a pre-test. Thats what Saturday is for! Haha. Good luck to all!