Why is it that when you get a haircut, the barber usually always shaves right below your side burns? Say you have a little scruff going and not really in the mood to shave, you are forced to do so or it looks strange. Is this a method of a barber claiming his work and essentially stationg, with clippers, that you’ve been branded…

Most of my barbers ask if I want them to do that if I’ve got scruff going.

When my sideburns above the shave/trim line start to get a little savage, I know it’s time for a new cut.

Uh, shave your scruff you fxking slob!@

I’m mediterranean - shit grows fast.

I didn’t know anyone in finance went to barbers.

^ where would they go, stylists?

I’m all bout dat barber shop.

great clips

but only cause I already hacksawed

You’re mediterainian? Thats gross bro. Im kidding, of course.

I f@g-out and go to a mens only salon, best cuts I’ve ever had but I only cut my ish like every 2 months so I dont mind paying the $50. And normally, they ask if you want the sideburns cleaned up… I think a lot of ppl prefer to do their own when they shave

haha fu

all jokes aside, $50 is pushing the limit for a cut no?

A bit on the high side, but I wouldn’t say it’s unusual.

Something I learned as a man long ago: if you want to look good, find a gay (male) sylist to cut your hair, the more flaming he is, the better. Women (or gay men, if that’s your preference) will love the way he makes you look.

Well, its like $40 + $10 tip… its prolly a lil more than I want to pay but its better spent that $20 that gets you a shitty cut.

Its probably median price for orange county.

i do $30 all in

I do. I have a luciously thick head of hair so I’m cool paying $30. As an added bonus my stylist has awesome chesticles. They’re constantly pressed against me. It’s the closest I get to different boobs.

^20 for a lap dance at a strip club.

Strip clubs make you feel dirty, hair cut makes you feel clean.

Do you pitch a tent in the apron thing? Makes it nice and awkward for her.

My barbers speak russian. $16.