Handbook or Schweser???

General question… would you choose to study Handbook directly or Schweser? According to my friend who passed the exam, Handbook is enough for the exam. I am now up to Chapter 10 in the Handbook (Just finish Level 1 content I guess). But lots of matereials from Schweser are quite different and more detailed. What should I do???

From wot I perceive, Schweser seems to be concise and ‘practically attainable’ in terms of study targets , the Handbook is just too vast to be done within such a short time span. The Handbook might just serve as reference material when Schweser fails to provide sufficient explanations, again that’s wot I am doing, it’s up to every individual’s potential / comfort levels really.

The only thing I like about the Handbook becoz it contains the actual exam questions from the past throughout each chapter. You get more confidence by looking at those questions than those Schweser questions. It is just a dilemma for me to switch back to Schweser to start it over again, given only 45 days left. And I cannot commit to study everyday as I am gonna change to a new job.

The handbook CD seems to have pretty easy questions. Anyone got a pass paper source?

like what Darius-I said I feel studying schweser and refering handbook for doubts is a good idea , also what I am doing is solving each and every question given in the handbook , while solving I just glance the readings , wherever I come across anything not covered in schweser I am reading it . there are 26 chapters in handbook and if you are only solving questions and a bit of reading here and there 6-7 chapters can be complted in a day also each chapter has on an average 10-15 questions