I often hear references to a separate ethics “Handbook” but this is the same content of pages 5-120 of Volume 1 of the CFAI official curriculum, right??? (file as: “a little late to ask, but”)

I believe one is a reprint of the other.

the book on the CFA website has about 160 pages…

Understood - thanks for the confirmation - I find the CFAI references on this point confusing. BTW - I just did terrible on the ethics section of the online sample - got really study this harder…

You’re not the only one txcany. I have taken 3 of the CFAI practice exams and on every one of the, I have done poorly on ethics. I have to hit that hard.

I didn’t do great on Ethics either when I took 3 of the CFAI practice exams. It is my weakest area. I’m planning to read the whole handbook once again this week and then the week of the exam.