happiest place on earth


saw this on fight porn on reddit. to be fair the chick spat on his face. pretty easy to get triggered after that.

I don’t understand the drive to take out your phone and start recording insanity and dysfunction.

i do it all the time, literally last week. i do it cuz i find it hilarious. and i like reviewing past clips and see the most lit ass shit.

Disney should hire some hot girls to get into cat fights regularly at their theme parks, so other people can watch. I mean, those dads need some incentive to stand in line for 2 hours so the kid can ride the Mini Mouse ride. Attendance would go up 80%, by my model.

i havent seen hot girls fight in awhile. usually its uggos


Lookin for somethin to do like a barbecue It’s too hot to be in the house A little bit of music and a couple of babes A little bit of drank and a game of spades

Each time it looks like the fight is over, they manage to start it again. At least if any of them wanted to be famous, they got theri wish.

I like random fight videos as much as the next man but that was a hard watch. He hit 3 different women including what seemed like his own girl at spread out points over the 5 minutes

if that happened in my country he would have been flat on on his back shortly after he hit the first woman

Is your country the same as the place wonderwoman from?

Equal rights and equal lefts