Happy 1/5

Get it? Cuz it’s 4/20

aka - 1/5?

lighten up dammit

What did PE girl text you, nephew???

Some chick on tinder messaged me. So you don’t go to the beach on the winter? I was confused at first but realized my profile said I like hot beaches!

I will address breadmakers question above as soon as you inform us what the hell youre doing on tinder since you’re engaged now!!!

Just for my vanity. I don’t message chicks I just like to look at thots and see what I match with.

its your fiance trying to see if u a chetaaaaaa


Ay mijo!!! :-1:

youll have to explain that one to me.

so there’s one carbon atom attached with three hydrogen atoms next to another carbon atom that has a bond with two hydrogen atoms bonded with one oxygen atom but it’s DiEthyl we’re dealing with so the process repeats itself on the backend again with another carbon atom and two more hydrogen atoms finally followed by another carbon atom and three more hydrogen atoms attached to that one.


I thought it would have been (1/5) * C21H30O2, but it no work. I never took chemistry in school, so I am just as lost too. :confused:

It’s ether.

Ah. Got it.

Raiseth thy hands in the air like thou doth not care!!!