Happy Canada Day!!!

Go Canada!

And take Mexico with you.


I guess all of our oil sands and hydro can go to China then. Enjoy living in the dark!

Happy birthday to the best country in the world (yesterday, not this saturday). Outside of Asia/Europe, at least.

It was so great having a holiday on a Wednesday opposed to the usual long weekend holiday. In fact I think we should have every Wednesday off!

Yesterday felt like Sunday eh?!

4Tay Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yesterday felt like Sunday eh?! Yeah…get a day off, get out for a round, and it rains for 4 holes. Just like a typical Sunday, especially since it still beats working. Unless you’re unemployed. Like me.

I worked yesterday to free up time for a Friday off. On the way to Tofino for some surf/camping/fishing in couple hours. Giddy up!

Canada where is that? Oh you mean North Montana?

Canada are home to the brothers brianr and WillyR. Nuff said.

up here in canada, we don’t say nuff. …b/c its pretty gay.

Americans are just jealous because we have tangible businesses here, it’s true.