Happy CFA Appreciation Day!

Because once you have the charter, you will always appreciate Memorial Day just a little bit more!

Good Luck to everyone who is still on their way!

^This. I’m a bout to kill some ribs! Giddy up!

Sometimes, I like to walk through Central Park on Memorial Day and see who is lying in the sun reading those CFA (or Schwesser, or Stalla) books… they often have this look of “I’m trying to enjoy myself, but this darned exam has me stressed.” Occasionally I catch their eye and give them a “Good luck! I know what you’re going through look.”

I’ll see you c*nts next year

I hate you guys :slight_smile: The CFO at the place I’m assigned to who has his CFA said the same thing to me last week lol

Memorial day has become my most celebrated holiday after the CFA program.

Hangin out in Harlem today (GF wanting to do the sale at Target). Harlem is a neat place. I used to live on 119 and St. Nicholas. It’s an interesting experience to live in Harlem as a white guy. Worthwhile.

I was struck by how the police station on 124th and St. Nicholas looks pretty darned fortified. A cross between a bunker and a short medieval castle…

CFAvsMBA knows all about that experience

hmmm what should i do tonight? take a quiet river walk and just breathe easy, enjoy the warm sun on my face for a bit? maybe kick back w/ the wife and check out a few episodes of arrested development? add a bottle of wine and pound?

not much else to do or worry about on this beautiful memorial day. damn it feels good to be a charter holder.