Happy Cinco de Mayo

And it’s on a Friday! The possibilities …

What’s your favorite Cinco de Mayo drink?

They took my job

And you Juana complain about it? lol

I owned a sombrero cart, but now all the Mexicans are selling low cost sombreros. Nobody will buy good, patriotic American sombreros anymore.

Nobody? Wow that’s too bad no Juan will buy them…


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Fixed that for you :wink:

5/5 and 12/12 are yuuuge

Did anyone answer the question:

Try Zach’s (zacateca’s) Mezcal if u can find it; It’s peatiness almost reminded of a decent Scotch.



Cool story, ACE celebrating white appropriated holiday, and it probably goes well with a day of voluntary poverty, amiright?

voluntary poverty is legit

can only drink on high feast days though

Don’t forget the Marine recruiter and the professional cuddler.

what’s 12/12? Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe? or something else

feliz cinco de mayo

I take it no one is partying this year

I’m making tacos for dinner and having a few Dos Equis. Staying away from the Corona.

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We had a practice Cinco de Mayo run yesterday: homemade carne asada soft tacos (with tomato, cilantro, avocado, limes, and sour cream) with red beans and rice.

Tonight it’s crispy tacos, possibly with barbecued black beans and lime-cilantro rice.

Donald J. Trump
Happy Cinco de Mayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!

I do remember, Mr. President!

I had one at Trump tower, was delicious!

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yeah Our Lady of Guadalupe

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