Happy Easter AFers!

Happy Easter you savages! It’s awfully quiet here nowadays. Did everyone except Nery blow up?

Greenie’s probably busy with tax season.

I don’t know what S2k does these days but I’m sure he’s not sitting around twiddling his thumbs and pondering fishing lures.

No telling what happened to BS and ohai. Maybe they were split personalities.

Igor’s lurking somewhere.

DoW’s a BSD and probably has important things to do.

Then there’s you and me - apparently neither important nor busy.

Chilling like a villain or villain like a…chilllah?
Whatever, GS and JPMC owned everyone and I once again feel like a ■■■■■. Whatever. Happy Easter!

I’m rather sad Ohai is not around anymore (corona casualty? I really hope not!)
BS was something else as weĺl, right @CEO10K-DAY ? Whatever, lets all go all-in leveraged etf!!

You forgot about Nerdyblop and Mr.BTC! Aka wheelhouse


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Right you are.

Tomorrow it’s reviewing Level III morning session practice exam answers with three candidates, then getting my second COVID vaccine. I’ll leave it to you to decide which is worse.

Are you past the reproductive age? If yes, the L3 is probably the bigger log to carry

Objection: assumes facts not in evidence.

I’m in Palm Springs right now with the family. We rented out this place for a g a night for the weekend. There’s like 12 of us. It’s pretty sick I’m pretty drunk and full of food. Today was a Good Friday. Everyone took the day off. It’s kind of nice to have a day where it’s a holiday for us but everyone else has to work! Hahaha

Also I’m always active. Whether it’s this Reddit or tiktok. I’m also active in the gaming community.

We noticed.

I think guys stay in the reproductive age for a long, long time.

Here you go!

It’s incomplete but we stay that way until 62 or 80 I can’t remember. This is equivalent to a 40 yo female. This is why we need multiples wives.

Black swan loves running multiple accounts, but if he was Ohai I’d be stunned. Ohai actually seemed reasonable.

What kind of dilapidated shack can hold 12 people for $1000/night?? A small hotel room at Disney World during the off-season costs almost as much as that.

its the hamptons of LA

Palm spring is the desert. Cheap land. Big houses. 5 bedroom 4 baths, pool, jacuzzi, ping pong and some other weird stuff. Each room had an 85 inch tv

Ay, que lindo, mijo!!! :sunny: :desert: :european_castle:

Nerdy is partying his ass off. I saw the snaps!!