Happy Halloween!!

Anyone in NYC went to see the parade? It was pretty awesome this year, despite being a madhouse as usual…

I randomly bumped into one of my trapeze instructors and thought I’d have a mental breakdown right there and then!

I gave midterm exams in my business calculus classes today.

One of the other professors asked, “You’re giving a midterm on Halloween?”

I replied, “What’s scarier than a calculus exam?”


I have the evening off… until 3am that is. I should watch a Halloween movie. Enjoy some scotch. What should I watch?

Kr, why would you have a “mental breakdown” from seeing your trapeze instructor?

Because I can’t take classes due to an injury for another few weeks or more. And I am not handling it well. I miss my peeps!

Scary? The orphanage

I’m sipping Aberlour A’bunadh at the moment.

That sucks! I’ve been there. Don’t worry… skill and ability are amazingly residual. :slight_smile:

I’m polishing off the Caol Ila… but I know you don’t like it. You know what, I’m about to dump it and finish up with Lagavulin. Caol Ila really is the redheaded stepchild of Islay.

Differential equations? :wink:

Thanks! It’s the patience to heal that I don’t have. That’s how I got here in the first place. Didn’t take enough time off, went back and made it even worse

An analysis exam ?

Grading them??? cheeky

These are business students; they’ll never see a differential equation.

On a side note, one of the most enjoyable classes I’ve ever taught is linear algebra and differential equations. If you have a system of linear differential equations, the solution set is a vector space, so many of the ideas of linear algebra can be applied. It’s a really fun class as it combines an interesting branch of pure mathematics with a rich branch of applied mathematics.

Grading them’s not so much scary as wearying.

Real analysis?

Complex analysis?

Numerical analysis?

I’ve been reviewing my real analysis text recently. Just for fun, of course.

The gym was nice and not very crowded last night. I need to get back to going there more often.

In other news, how is it already November?

I took a walk around my neighborhood and so many of my neighbors were dressed in costumes and handing out candy, much respect to those folks.

I liked to troll some of the little kids that were trick or treating where I live. There was a girl with pony tail, bow and wool sweater. So I asked “are you a movie character?”. “Yes”. “Is the movie from a book?” “Yes.” “Are there more than one book” “Yesss” “Ok… I got this… you are Harry Potter”. “NOOOO”. Kids, so easy to mess with.

Good job, Analyst Forum lives up to its name!