Happy New Year (2017)

2016 has been such an up and down year. So much stuff happened some good some bad.

I want to wish everyone and their family a happy, healthy and prosperous year. I wish everyone success in their business and personal endeavors.

Don’t hesitate to tell anyone how much you love them or how much someone means to you.

Cherish and treasure all the moments with your loved ones.

Stay safe tonight.

Thanks Igor. I wish the same for you and your family as well the AF family.

Happy New Year. I think what became most apparent in 2016 is that everything changes, so don’t take anything for granted and plan accordingly for the future.

Nazdorove, brah!

happy new 2017, everyone!

2016 was such a terrible year in so many ways and it finished off in horrible fashion. Hopefully, 2017 is much better.

I’m sure everyone raised a toast to a gentleman and a life well lived

Much love to everyone, onwards and upwards!!!

I am head over heels in love with her. <333 I hope and pray that one day she will be my immaculate Spouse.

Happy New Year … 2017 will be full of blessings for all of us.


Much love to all. Chins up. 2017 will be an improvement for most. Take care of each other. BTW CNN’s NYE show is bad. It’s always bad but I thought it should be verified. It has been verified.

Happy New Years guys! :heart:

Happy 2017!! We are flying back to Asia today, being back in the West has made me realize why I left. Agree with Brian Eno’s analysis below. Hope for the best, but make preparations for the worst, cause 2017 could be nasty.

“2016 was indeed a pretty rough year, but I wonder if it’s the end - not the beginning - of a long decline. Or at least the beginning of the end….for I think we’ve been in decline for about 40 years, enduring a slow process of de-civilisation, but not really quite noticing it until now.”


Strong start for 2017: Went clubbing. Got wasted. Lost my phone. Hung-over all day. Cured it with Indian food. Cabbie brought me my lost phone.

Happy NY’s!

Complained to wife entire day that i wanted to stay home and didnt want to go to NYE party. Went to party and had fun

+1 laugh

You’ll be missed.


Pretty much.

  1. Kiss my kids goodbye every morning before I go to work, no matter how late I’m running

  2. Get back into peak shape

  3. 120 s3x sessions with the wife