Happy Thanksgiving! (US)

Take a break. Eat some turkey. Watch football. Be safe if you are traveling!

A half-a-day break begins for me now!! Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys… our hardwork will indeed pay-off in another 9 days from now. - Dinesh S

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys too… ttouchst, you watching the cowboys right now?

yes, but not much of a game.

at least the cheerleaders are hot…

lol I was thinking the same thing.

Happy Thanksgiving All.

Ohh… I ate too much pie…

Home alone with no turkey, no pie! So I ll just share thanks with you guys. For the past a few months, I feel like I know you guys more than my brother. amazing! we are from all over the world, but doing the same questions, having same kind of problems, providing ideas and supporting each other. it is really worth a million thanks!

I’ve got plenty left. I’ve also got lots of sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, chestnut stuffing, corn bread, ham, etc…

I think all the food drew the blood to the stomach, and I felt dizzy, ecstatic but slow. Just up from a nap now. About to go back to study or should I watch incredible? Naivejoe, I completely agree with you. I hope we will all be promoted to Level II June forum in 9 days.

miso soup, instant noodle, dried mango, baked lays, green onion, sweet onion, sugar, salts, pepper, olive oil, bluh~bluh~…Not bad, hah?

Happy Thanksgiving… anybody from NYC?

^me … I’m just back from TONIQ (Timesquare)