Happy Thanksgiving!!!

All, Let’s forget about the market for a day…let’s think about what we need to be thankful. There is enough stress we all have to deal with everyday (CFA exam, market, crazy boss, clients and many many other things). I am thankful that I can still eat a big thankgiving dinner and not worry a bit about gaining weight!!!

i am thankful for all the money i lost this year

There is plenty to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

Same to you. I’m thankful for my job, first and foremost. Speaking of, gotta get back to it!

Yep. Thankful for all of the money that I lost AND that i still have a job so I can remain solvent in spite of that.

im very thankful, happy thxgiving to all!!!

I’m thankful for Schweser and the December CFA Exam. And I’m very thankful that my Thanksgiving is tarnished by you both!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

In all reality I’m thankful for AF. All of you are wonderful since I have so many finance questions. I feel a lot less stupid asking questions on here versus asking my boss/coworkers etc.

Gobble Gobble … enjoy your day with family, friends and with yourself! I am counting my many blessings for this year.

I am thankful for the AF community.

I am thankful for a lot of things. This despite finding out in the last 2 weeks I now have 3 conditions which are incurable (only one of those is a new known) and still have a high possibility that I will need 3 organ transplants. Losing a bit of money doesnt bother me a bit! At least I aint a turkey. Happy thanksgiving American brethren.

Wow Muddahudda, that’s crazy. I wish you the best.