Happy to Study

I was quite happy when I was studying and learning. That was why I stuck to it. It was not a drag like work can be a drag. It was very addicting as well, which sometime made me tense .

Agreed. I actually looked forward to it (I cant believe I just admitted that) but I am glad that I dont feel guilty about having a social life anymore. I can now go to a party without having to worry about how much I could have accomplished if I had stayed home.

It felt like a grind while studying all that time, but now there’s nothing to study for, there’s like an empty spot suddenly in your life

I don’t ever recall studying that hard for anything. Actually found it quite enjoyable as well. I needed to have started earlier though.

Though the topics were interesting, I didn’t enjoy the studying at all since I found it stressful to go through the material fast. But I do agree that now all of a sudden, it feels like something is missing…

As someone who unfortunately isn’t loving work right now, studying for the CFA was a way I could kind of stay sane for the 10 hours of crap that the office felt like. I am not learning a great deal on the job, but with the CFA, I felt like I was doing something to improve my skillset and my resume and that kept me feeling OK about where I was in life. Now that I’ve sat for the exam, I feel great about having attempted it, but the 7 weeks of waiting for results are going to be pretty dull. I no longer have something that I’m striving for to distract me from the day-to-day.