Happy Veterans Day!

Dear Vets,

Thank you for defending our country!

Politics aside, I’ve had some thought of joining the military. This country has been mighty good to me and I feel I owe the same consideration in return. Furthermore, the thought of sitting on my arse all day pushing buttons on a keyboard until I’m 70 is depressing. I’ve had thoughts of taking a sabbatical within the armed forces.

Are there any Vets on the board?

I’d sure appreciate insight about your experience.

I’m CFAvsMBA, and I salute you.

I have read an article today about how Veterans are finding it hard to re-integrate into society…finding no work in the private sector…some of this was traced back to an inability to market oneself (CV,etc) rather than intelligence or job ability…maybe instead of joining the army you could help the Veterans get back on their feet, along with your project of getting harlem kids into finance?



I’d agree with former trader’s article. I would imagine a candidate searching for a job, who met all other requirements, would be looked at favorable with military experience.

Back in my old hood, I respected Patrick in his stand to join the military despite having a silver spoon syndrom.


How old are you, what branch and what MOS (specilizations) are you considering?

Also, keep in mind that 4-6 years on 40 some grand a year can be tiring. Honestly, for me the biggest drawback was that I decided I wanted to go that path too late in life and being unmarried, felt that I would stay that way if I began active duty.