Happy weekend!

Celebrating me and my nephews birthday! I started replaying civ 4. I also bought a new L shaped desk and a gaming chair that I had to build on Friday since work from home permanently is now set in stone.

I’ve noticed that Fridays just aren’t the same when you’re not at the office. I don’t know which I prefer but somehow I miss the Friday pm atmosphere at the office.



Happy Friday indeed. Almost time to go close on a 2.6% refi. Sweet monthly savings :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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u didnt cash out?! bruhhhhh

Welcome to the good life.

That’s what I’m paying on my mortgage right now, and ain’t nobody killing my vibe for the next 30 years. lol.

highest expenses,

  1. taxes
  2. housing expense
  3. transporation

Another covid weekend coming up! What are your plans, ya fellow savages?!

Dentist. Flemings steakhouse. Mba interview prep. Taxes. Prolly sams club. I rearranged my office.

Oh yea I also got my fiancé a gateway laptop for Valentine’s. Very powerful. Good deal.

I got a ton of work things to do and a bit of trig tutoring. :nerd_face:

I’ve been doing coding and statistics lessons. Parametric survival analysis in R last weekend :blush:

Is this part of the SoA PA exam???

but how are dem profits?

No idea what that is! I do modeling for a small startup lender and every model I can deploy has direct bottom line impacts (let’s hope it’s positive!) . This is the next one I’m trying to deploy to optimize our product pricing

Ah, I see!!! Sounded like you were doing something actuarial with mortality!! :nerd_face:

R is all the rage in the actuarial world now. :man_shrugging:

Wanted to learn R since I work with a fair bit of academics who use it. And it has all these built out packages on credit risk, so figured why not :blush:


I’m so god damn bored that I can’t even motivate myself to watch a movie. I feel like a zombie.
Can’t wait for spring time and this covid thing to end.
What about my fellow savages? Any big weekend plans?


Rebooked my wedding for November 11 2022. Went to the Glendale mall today. Saw a ■■■■ ton of people shopping. Bought my sister in law a present. Hung out with nephew and niece. Played video games. Built blocks. And hide and go seek. A friend of mine wants to do the cfa. I keep trying to discourage him but to no avail. As the boys to men once said, you’ll make the biggest mistake of your life… don’t do it bayyyyy behhhhhh. I only say it cuz it’s hard. No need to do hard things in life. Focus on what makes it easier!

What’s up fellow savages? What’s the deolio this weekend? Big plans ahead like catching 'rona?
I’m leaving the bright city lights behind and heading to my parents vacation home as the covid is once again getting out of control where I’m living! I hope I won’t get eaten by a bear or drown in the lake after having one too many brewskies.

Some grocery shopping, a bit of trig tutoring and some work stuff. :man_shrugging: :nerd_face:

ETA: Gotta start looking at filling out tax returns!!