Happy weekend!

It’s weekend again and the sun is shining! What are your plans, ya fellow savages?!

errything is close in my area. how is it for you guys?
friday. vons $5 fried chicken and chill at parents place. they love the chicken. then elliptical, i burn a thousand calories ever 60 min. shower then prolly bang gf when she gets home. eat chicken leftovers.
saturday. elliptical workout. $8 large pizza hut. gf likes it with no cheese. weird i know. shower then bang. my friends come over when she leaves for work. play super smash. then bang gf when she gets home.
sunday. elliptical. shower. sams club. watch movie with her. cook food. i like to meal prep so i can just microwave my ■■■■ rest of the week. prolly go to sams club. they got some good stuff on sale like disposable bowls. $5 rotisserie chciken. shrimp cocktail. then gf going to clean whole day and prolly and complain how i dont do anyhting while i play video games. bang again end of day.

can we start the “weekend posts” in honor of CVM?

Got some work and continuing ed reading to do. Plus, it’s gonna be super hot and stinky humid this weekend. :hot_face: :grimacing: :confounded:

I also want to make a bunch of lentil soup in the slow cooker!!

I’m digging a trench for the retaining wall that I’m going to build.

Felt like a friggen bawse last night buying a pickaxe from home depot.

Oh… I’m also going to smoke a bunch of pot

Is this a typical weekend for you (in terms of banging?) that’s a lot of banging. Myself, I’m a once, maybe twice a week type guy. I’m ok with that… anything else I might pull a muscle. Back when I was your age…

Just wait till you start caulking tubs. Then you know you’ve really made it.

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Honestly we do get worn out. Plus it’s usually 30 minutes to an hour long. She is sometimes in pain and I’m sometimes not going to finish without the cheating hand. Hard to keep an erection for that long sometimes boys especially when it’s back to back.
I’m too sexual tbh. Hell during the guaranteed days off on Wednesday and Thursday I’m still watching some multi screen hub action. The only time I ever pulled a muscle was jerking in the shower.

Nerdy, you’re a man amongst boys. Tip of the hat, brother.

That’s one way to put it

I regret my decision very much to not hire this job out. My effing back is so sore, and I can barely move my arms today.

Where’s the body?

Ya I get it. I went way too deep.

I didn’t really know what I was doing at first lol. But, at least I’m a millennial and I’m “doing it for myself”.

the most i am willing to do. is build ■■■■ from ikea. and even then sometimes its not worth it. hell even cooking. i was learning how to make chicken wings. then after watching a vid.i was like ■■■■ this. i’ll just buy some buffalo wild wings when its on sale.

It’s fun working on your own home though man. It’s also the best a beer will ever taste; drinking it after digging a hole man.

I agree with you there buddy. Plus, hole digging is some of the most honest work out there. You either dug it, or you didn’t. No excuses. And once that hole is dug, can confirm, there’s no better way to finish than with a cold beer.

Yeah. I’ll be honest though. I have to do it myself now because of all the cash I lost shorting the market.

Oh well. Is what it is. Besides, the chicks walking by the sidewalk definitely look a little longer than they should :wink:

o damn. well at least oyu made money durign that epic short on march to offset.


Just a handful of warm(ish) weekends left before the winter starts creeping in. What is everyone up to this weekend?