Hard work

so anyone here miss the hard work and the wait for results after passing ?

Yes - like the college days. Just stay here forever

Hahaha…no. :slight_smile:

I’m still working hard, just not on studying for Level 3 or any other CFA exam.



never let any success to get into your head, aim for higher

CFA is just the beginning

I was super pumped for a couple hours maybe I’m sick in the head but enjoyed the journey more

Not at all. Its time to celebrate and start applying everything that I have learned.

Wondering what would be my next “challenge” :slight_smile:

FRM maybe

My next challenge: run a sub 1:50 half marathon in 2 months.

love that idea minus the time and in 2 months lol

I’m just pumped to offer my clients superior returns

ths post reminded me of the following scene, Bud Fox works hard


I thought about CIPM or CAIA but I’m actually thinking I might just be done.

The excitement faded quickly because unless I find ways to use it, my life still goes on as before. Though I do feel happier inside knowing that I have learnt a great deal (both knowledge and about myself).

Hell no!! I feel so free!! I am so excited to pursue my own hobbies and interests now. :slight_smile: