Harder to pass in Canada?

I heard CFAI makes it harder for candidates to pass in some regions, to control the number of charterholders there. Is this your experience? Please share study habits and exam result :slight_smile:

Legend has it that the CFA is 1.5x harder in Canada, and 0.3x easier in India.

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I took the exams in both Cairo and Toronto.

The exam environment and conditions in Toronto r way much better.

Does the exam differ from one country and another!

I suspect that the exams are the same everywhere.

To be certain, write CFA Institute and ask: info@cfainstitute.org.

If there were different versions of the exam, we should also have access to different versions of the previous AM exams.

This is pure nonsense…

Likely not different versions of the exam but could be variations on the MPS by region. Does anyone have a direct link from CFAI stating that there is 1 MPS across all candidates? The lack of disclosure on the MPS calculation leads me to believe this is a possibility.

After each exam administration, the CFA Institute Board of Governors sets the minimum passing score (MPS) for each level.

“the” implies that there is only one MPS per level for each examination date. Furthermore MPS is singular not plural.


It is harder to pass at larger test centers. I’ve written the exam in Canada and in Shanghai and I assure you Victoria BC was the least stressful of any CFA exam I wrote. Shanghai proctors are very strict and having sat the exam in giant convention centers and hockey rinks, writing at Camosun College of all places was the least stressful even though I was sick and had to drive a long way after the exam.

Stress and Exam difficulty are tew very different things.

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