Hardest Level II Study Sessions

swaptiongamma Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Bradleyz - I just go question by question. If the > test was for 60 questions, I start with Q1 till > Q60, hitting the respective SS/Reading’s from > Schweser where the questions was based out of. After reading this again - I supposedly think that I might have miscommunicated my way of test taking. So re-clarifying here again. 1. I take the 3hr test under ‘real timed conditions’ and grade it - so say I could manage only 22 out of 60 questions correct. 2. Then I start with Q1 to Q60 (irrespective it’s right or wrong) and correct/ reconfirm/ affirm/ clarify my though process that got me to this answer. 3. Hence it takes the usual 3hr (test time) + 3hr (review) = 6hrs. ahh… May is going to be longer than usual. So much hardwork that goes into this designation and still no confirmation that we will see a PASS on the result day with 1% level of significance. That’s the beauty of this designation.