hardest study session and reading

ss 10 r 44 kills me… i have read the cfai text and schewser and i am still not confident. at best i have 50% down… at best… what about everyone else?

I dont’ have my book in front of me, but almost all of SS 10 was a biotch for me…

I have an accounting background, and saild through SS 7, 8, and 9. SS 10 is hell. Part of me is trying to learn it best I can, and part of me is hoping not much of it appears on the exam.

haha…im just 2 pages into SS10 (on my 2nd read through)… It’s going to be a dreadful week…sigh

I agree, SS10 is worse… but the boat really hits the glacier and drowns when you read Reading-76 (American Vs European Options) - Dinesh S (I still can’t believe my eyes, they have included Reading-60 (If at all, it deserves to be a standalone reading) in the Equity section)

yeah 10 has for sure been the worst so far.

in fin stat analysis, yes, ss10 is the hardest by far… but i found the reading on options to be the hardest one… i think that’s reading 76… fixed income is no piece of cake either…

I’m also having a hard time understanding SS 10… glad I’m not the only one! Anybody with a good understanding, please chime in!

Just looking back at all my QBANK progress and the 63% score on Session 10 questions is significantly lower than any other session. Anyway, I think memorizing the actual accounting entries themselves will help me in this section. Memorizing is a dirty word in this forum, but the accounting for def taxes is not intuitive so I see no other alternative. BTW, how do you select the level of difficulty on the QBANK questions? I’m just plowing through the LOS, Reading, and Session questions and have never come across the option to answer tougher questions. I do notice the end of session 10 part marathon questions are pretty difficult compared to the LOS quiz questions. Thanks, dea

I still need to start solving the Passmaster, not yet inaugurated the CD. I hope this helps me in reinforcing the concepts and/or formulas, looking from where I stand, everything is so foggy and hazy and the winter is still to come. - Dinesh S

dea_cfa, When you’re in Online Access in Schweser, there’s a link on the left hand side that says Test Management. Click on that link and then click on Create a New Exam. You will then have the ability to tailor a test from a bank of questions including altering the difficulty. Hope this helps. prossetti

Quick question to everyone using schweser Qbank- what weighting option do you choose when constructing an exam: Equal weighting or CFA topic area weighting?

I’d probably do topic area weighting, that way it’s easier to see which topic requires further review/understanding.

Thanks guys. I was finding ss9 a bit tedious, so finding out that my next one is both tedious and tough is a joy! My heart sank when I flicked forward to find 15 pages of reasonably dense text before some concept checkers. Looks like it’s going to be a long week…