Hardest Topics? Schweser Books

For anyone using / used Schweser books only: How would you rank the books / topics in order of difficulty: Here’s the list of Books with Topics: Book 1: Foundations of Rick Mgmt. / Qaunt Analysis Book 2: Financial Markets and Products / Valuation and Risk Models Book 3: Market Risk Measurement and Management / Investment Management Book 4: Credit Risk Measurement and Management Book 5: operation and Integrated risk Management / Current Issues Thanks

Really? No one has an answer for this? I’ve commented again to bump it up to the top for some traffic. Very interested in this.

I’m barely done w/ book 1… haha but it was somewhat of a breeze/reviewer for me. I’m guessing book 2, (particularly the valuation part) is the hardest. Just my guess for now.

Yeah, book 1 was a breeze for me as well, it’s basically CFA review… Book 2 is hit and miss, some review, some things new yet understandable but then they throw in 4-5 random formulas that I haven’t seen, or they use different formulas / terms then CFA / Finance classes I’ve had in the past. I can definitely feel things starting to get complicated… I read on another page that book 3 was no joke… I’m glad the ethics section encompasses like 1 page!! HAHA.

i think its subjective , depends on ones back ground interests Book 1 is easy book 2 is easy as well if one enjoys the valuation models etc , infact the reason i like FRM is because of the contents in book 2 and book 3 for me i guess credit risk (book 4) and op risk (book 5) would be the hardest mainly because most of it is new and dry reading for me i was quite glad to see 1 page ethics , unlike the brutal CFA ethics

Great, I’ve cleared my Level 1 CFA and i find Book 1 itself to be a handful. Guess it’s gonna be a long two months now…

I think Book 1 has some tricky stuff. True there is a lot of review from CFA, but some of the new probability distributions and monte carlo methods are a bit complex. Schwesser glosses over this stuff, but I think we need to know it pretty well, not just memorizing formulas.

i haven’t really started studying still celebrating passing lvl 3 and enjoying life hehe

Books 4 & 5 are dry as hell is hot…

book 3 and 4

Book 4 is the hardest by far