Gabba or Jumpstyle…

Whose got the moves?



Yeah, no question, the best overall exceptional dancers in EDM tend to track stuff to slow dubstep. That video never stops being impressive. That being said, techno and trance tends to have by far the highest percentage of good dancers (higher median vs higher mean). Hardstyle is cool, I mean I can stop and appreciate some good sets at big festivals like EDC Vegas but it just doesn’t quite do it for me. The Aussie’s love it but if you look at the crowds at Hardstyle Festivals, there’s a high percentage of trashy meat heads. The real problem with say, JumpStyle is they just ripped the basic trance shuffle then added some spastic kicks and act like they did something impressive. Also, is it 2013 again already?

Interestingly but not surprisingly, I gave a few Australians rides back to Vegas from the speedway during EDC that looked pretty broken down and defeated and they said EDC Vegas was miles above anything they’d encountered globally in terms of festivals. EDC can be pretty chill, but the problem is there’s a very laissez fair atmosphere there and it’s three days dusk to dawn and absolutely huge so if you go hard, there’s really no restrictor plate there to stop you from just destroying yourself… as they found out.

that was really sick

Im actually more of a ‘split the beat’ with fancy footwork in vans halfcabs with yellow laces yellow soles type

i wish I could get techno, it would make life so much easier. It it’s just like guys, why is it on loop? Why isn’t it changing? This isn’t music goddammit. Having grown up on metal hardstyle/ hardcore was just a natural fit.

so true on meatheads lol, went for the first time today and never seen so many bogans assembled in one place. Would have been scared if there weren’t so many Asians.

they got new nmoves now, like cycling super fast except backwards and on the same spot. Impressive for the bpm

Haha, right on, I hear you. Techno is definitely one of the hardest to really get into. Usually people start with trance then get into more serious trance sets before going further down the rabbit hole into techno. I’m not really that sold on true techno myself either, a little bit monotonous for me. Glad you liked the festival!

It’s weird cause I lose my shit in a good way when ‘acid techno’ starts playing but just techno it’s like you said…meh not even with the best md on earth

Yeah, probably not your style, but when I’m at work I listen to a lot of chillstep mixes on my headphones. Usually just use mixes off of youtube. It makes great focus type of music, kind of bums me out though because most of those styles have peaked around 2012-1016.