Harlem Shake

First, I’m shocked that no one has started a thread about this…

Second, I’ve been wasting a lot of time watching “Harlem Shake” videos on youtube. Hilarious. Here’s a taste:



Its still long way off from 1 billion hits.

As a Harlem citizen, I find this offensive.

^not true

also yea some of them are pretty funny

I’m CFAvsMBA, and I approve this message:


+1 from me. These Harlem Shake videos remind me a bit of the “How to Dance Like a White Guy” videos. Harlem can’t like that.

Here’s some good stuff from Rosie Perez:


At 4:30 - was the old guy just passing by, and spontaneously joined the guy dancing?


Chickentikka bhai, were you the originator of this shake dance.

I’m buying one way to tickets to South Africa so I can Harlem Shake it with those chiiiiicks.

+1. Been multiple times and they have got to be the finest SA girls i’ve seen. (Which might explain why they’re SI swimsuit models but either way)

The late GF of blade runner is from SA and she was fine.

I’m always kind of baffled when people say they are genuinely offended over something as trivial as this, as a few of the people in the video are. Especially the guy who’s like, “I feel like they’re trying to disrespect us”

It’s like c’mon man, get real, it’s just people having fun, its not a personal attack on YOU!

But thats just me, I always trip out when people get their panties in a bunch over religious/ethnic/geographic affiliations etc.

^ it would be like a bunch of jumping jiggaboos doing the urban YMCA/Electric Slide/Cotton Eye Joe/Macarena/etc. I’m sure some honkies would take great offense.

Poor honkies are not allowed to take offence.

Levels the playing field somewhat.

(Seriously, I am astonished at how many times the phrase “white trash” is thrown around casually on TV. Imagine hearing the N word on TV that often.)

The difference is that you can be white and poor and not automatically be considered white trash, so it doesn’t actually have to apply to anyone. I don’t like the term “white trash,” but it’s not in the same class of offensiveness as the N word.

Honkey is just such a silly word that it doesn’t really offend anyone, as far as I know. Every time I hear it I have to quietly suppress a giggle.

Agreed, some people might take offense to it. But that doesn’t make it right, it just makes it equally absurd.